No success without errors

“There is… no success without many errors.”   – Dogen Zenji


I spent a great deal of my life trapped with a silent inner voice telling me that I had to be good at things before I could attempt to accomplish them.  The ludicrousness of this idea is obvious, but it is a clear example of how we can play old messages in our unconsciousness that do not serve us well.  Because these types of messages are operating at an unconscious level, we often fail to recognize that they are playing with our minds and our hearts.  Like an undetected computer virus they shape our conscious thinking and our behaviour.

It is important to uncover these old messages if we are to free ourselves from their grip.  Working with and befriending the attending emotion is a direct path to accessing these old patterned responses and to gently free ourselves from them.  It was when I began to consciously experience and work with my underlying fear and shame that the world became a bigger and more inviting place to play.

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