Finding Your Gift

“The meaning of life is to find your gift.  The purpose of life is to give it away.”

Some people are lucky and tap into their gifts early in life.  For me, it has been a journey over much of my adult life.  My journey began consciously in my forties when I first recognized my passion for being of service to others.   Over the years as my work evolved, as my personal growth work continued, as my spiritual practices took shape, I became increasingly in touch with what I would call my gift.


My particular gift relates to the heart. It is a deep sense of compassion and a desire to make things better – to help ease the suffering in the world, my own and that of others. I can now see how this has been a theme running through most of my life.


I have also learned that I sometimes get in my own way in terms of being able bring my gift to the world.  My innate talents are accessible when I am open, when I am not taking a defended stance in life. Coaching is one of the ways for me to give my gift away.


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