Silence can be an emptiness that is, paradoxically, full. You do not occupy this silence; it occupies you. —Mark C. Taylor,“Hearing Silence”


As I write this, most of us are living through a couple of months of self-isolation. In my case, I am grateful that I am in my own home and with my wife. However, cut-off from my normal routines, I often find myself looking for some kind of distraction. It could be books, music, a Zoom call, television, food, etc.

While these are all necessary parts of my life, sometimes I use them to avoid boredom, or perhaps, to avoid some sharp emotion or disturbing thought that is running undetected through my psyche.


When I become aware of an underlying pattern, I can fall back on my meditation practice. I can address the suppressed energy. Then, I can pause; I can focus on my breathing; I can drop my awareness into my body; and I can let my mind relax. Let all of me relax.


It is then that I open to the present moment. It is then I am occupied by silence.

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