Fears are a Doorway

“Our fears are a doorway”.    Reginald Ray

This quote is a good reminder for me.  I have had a lot of experience in life being frozen by fear.  I tend to shut down when faced with things that scare me or seem too difficult.   However experience has shown me that when I can find the courage to step into my fear, something positive has always resulted.

Being frozen with fear happens for me with big issues and with small ones.   One example came early in my career as a civil servant.   I was working in a client services area and my boss used to handle all of the media interviews.  It was something that I would have liked to do, but I was frightened about making mistakes, especially in public. When I became aware that my fear was stopping me from trying something that I really did want to do, I asked permission to do media interviews.  My first experience was a bit of a disaster, but I kept at it.

Doing media interviews became a doorway for me to change my career path. But more importantly it proved to be a doorway into courage.  I discovered that for me, confidence isn’t about having all of the answers; it is about being prepared and then showing up.  If I had not stepped through that particular doorway, I would not be a coach today.


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